Christopher S.

My mother has lived at Sparrow Adult Living for three years. Since moving her to Sparrow, she has been the healthiest mentally that we have seen her in years. The staff there is awesome. They treat her like family. The owners are very personable, caring and have a loving demeanor with a hands-on approach. They are usually available for questions, if they are not busy with other residents. My family is so pleased that mom is in a facility where she is looked after and well cared for. I recommend anyone who is struggling with love ones with mental care issues to call Sparrow Adult Living. There are no frills or fanciness to sell you on, just good people caring for the ones you love.  

Angie R., Employee

Working for Sparrow is amazing. I love working with our residents. They are not just residents, but more like family to me. I love working for Ms. Dawn and she is real understanding. I have been working for Ms. Dawn at Sparrow for 5 years now and she is not only my boss, but she is someone that we can go to and talk to about anything. She also has a loving relationship with the residents. Ms. Carolyn, our administrator, also has a loving relationship with the residents and employees.       

Lonneisha C., Intern

  During the summer of 2017, I was blessed with the opportunity to intern at Sparrow Adult Living. It was an eye opener. I was able to see how hands-on they were with the residents, and how the environment was welcoming for anyone to feel like family. From doctor’s appointments to taking clients to do various activities, Sparrow definitely does it all. And they make sure they build a relationship with each client in order to assist them with any needs that they can. This is more than just a place of business, it is a multitude of authentic kindred souls that seek to help their brothers and sisters in need.